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Our magnificent new $65 million dollar Clubhouse stands proudly on the Padang. Situated in an enviable location, SRC straddles the civic district and the almost ready, world class Arts Centre at the Esplanade.
In line with the Government’s master plan to inject more excitement and dynamism at the Padang, the SRC Clubhouse was developed with a sense of the future, revealing its significance as a favorite meeting place for members.
An array of first rate recreational facilities await your pleasure along with our own special brand of service, emphasizing quality touched with a genuine concern for our members.

  • Lounge 1883 
  • Milne Lounge
  • Connaught Terrace 
  • Barker Lounge &
  • Tessensohn Room
  • Padang Palace  
  • Gayatri Rest
  • Poolside Cafe

  • The Oasis 
  • Jackpot Terrace 
  • Billiards Room
  • Cards Rooms, Mahjong Rooms, Chess Room
  • Karaoke Rooms 
  • Esplanade Bowl
  • Kiddies Corner Nursery 
  • Techno Games Room 
  • The Fitness Centre 
  • Swimming Pool, Hot & Cold Pool 
  • Steam Bath, Sauna, Jacuzzi

Members' club
Number of members 5,500
Land Lease: Starting from 1994 ( 30yrs )  
Subscription Fee: S$69.55 Ordinary / S$37.45  lady / S$214  (3n) corp
Transfer fee:

Nomination fee: 
A: Members who have served more than 3 years of membership 
S$3,000.00 (Ordinary), S$1,500.00 (Lady),  S$8,000.00 (Corp)

B: Members who have served less than 3 years of membership
S$4,000.00 (Ordinary), S$2,000.00 (Lady), S$10,500.00 (Corp)  

Admin fee:  S$252.00
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